• Henry Dearborn

What It's Like To Go Through Life as a Really Funny Man

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Image of Alexis Pereira

Alexis Pereira tells Henry Dearborn how being hilarious affected his life.

Around my junior year of college people started to tell me I was funny. I was tall and sinewy. I had a skinny figure and I never weighed more than 120 pounds throughout my 20s.

My humor definitely closed a lot of doors for me. I never interviewed for a job I got. Once an interviewer told me my resume was blank and I told him it was on the other side. That side was also blank and I said, "oh wait check the first side again."

One of the worst things about being funny is other men love you. I regularly receive emails from men telling me I "made their day with my tweet" or "you're the only person who can put a smile on my face since my diagnosis." I'm often invited to "sit in" with an all-male improv team, and sometimes I'm asked to join the team, "and of course we'll cover your practices." Women rarely answer my DMs and I believe they just screenshot them and show them to each other and laugh.

But I am a better person now, and even better than that, I am a funnier person. I went through some suffering in my late 20s - got cut from Harold Night, not much else - and I really grew. But as far as the world is concerned? I'm better than ever.

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