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What It's Like To Date The Funniest Men in America

A few of our readers have claimed this site is too male heavy, and as a rich straight white male, diversity is a huge blindspot for me. So I reached out to the girlfriends of some of my favorite comedians to get their take on what a day in the life is like when dating the funniest men in America.

Erin Fenton (Girlfriend of Alexis Pereira)

image of "Erin"

I arrive home from my nightly yoga at around 6:30pm. Alexis is in the living room reading a novel while listening to 1960s French jazz. For most women, this is the beginning of a story about how they got murdered. For me, it's just another Wednesday.

"Dinner is on the stove," he announces without looking up.

Alexis is a comedian, but more than that he is a thinker and a man. Above all else, he is a chef. Between Harold shows, Maude rehearsals and network TV meetings with all the bigwigs, he finds time to make both of us meals. Tonight he made Bicken Parmesan. Since I am a vegetarian and cannot consume chicken, he takes beans and molds it into the shape of a chicken, and then pours parmesan cheese on it.

I undress and put on my Yukata. Alexis and I wear nothing in the apartment but our Yukatas, a traditional Japanese robe that is both modest and open. We are in day two of our "Drei Tage." It is a classical 3 day lovemaking session practiced by 13th century germanic tribes. It is not entirely physical, but involves small gestures, touching, little notes and stolen glances for a 72 day period, at the end of which he cums on my back.

The clock rings seven and I realize I've been staring at him for 30 minutes. We replaced our TV with a grandfather clock after I told Alexis our appliances should work for us and not the other way around, to which he agreed.

Erin is a writer at UCB. Her show "Your New Favorite Movie" is tonight at 10:30 at UCBHK.

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