• Henry Dearborn

UCB NY, Home to Alexis Pereira, Rich Sommer, Closes

UCB NY, home to comedians like President Show's Alexis Pereira and Mad Men's Rich Sommer, is set to close due to coronavirus complications.

picture of two celebs

"We were on life support for a while, and Alexis Pereira was the ventilator," said one source, "but unfortunately there was too much to overcome."

The rent was apparently a huge issue, but also the long journey from the 42nd street subway station to 11 ave was a bigger problem than anticipated.

"15%-25% of people would get lost forever on the way to UCB Hell's Kitchen," said NYPD Commander Tommy Carvacano.

Sources have said UCB may reopen with some classes and shows sporadically throughout the city, but it's no longer a place where "the losers" and the "weirdos" can "hang out."

"It's hard to make friends," said a man who would only go by "Patrick Ke." But as my father used to say, "it's about the friends you make along the way."

As of press time, Pereira has no plans to move to LA.

- Henry Dearborn

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