• Henry Dearborn

The Five Funniest People in UCB History

UCB has had hundreds of stars join the ranks of SNL and MAD TV. But we've decided to comb the ranks to bring you the five funniest alums who walked through those doors:

5. Josh Patten

Known in the industry as "The Trump Replier," Patten made his mark by replying to Trump's tweets as though they were texts. Don't ask him to quit his day job though: he's a writer on SNL's WeekEnd UpDate.

4. Rob Huebel/Riggle

Rob Huebel/Riggle, the Robs as they are known throughout the industry, have been making us laugh as much as they've been making us think. The duo recently appeared in How To Be a Latin Lover with the "other two Robs," Rob Corrdry/Lowe.

3. Rich Sommer

The Mad Men star was briefly on a Harold Team called America.

2. Alexis Pereira

Proclaimed by his peers to be a "living, lying legend," Pereira has dominated the boards at UCB since he joined in 2016. He's directed and written several shows at UCB, and is a regular performer both on and off the stage. When asked why he doesn't just move to LA and embark on a successful movie career, Alexis has responded, "I'm here to make people laugh, not to make people money." Executives from WPIX, UPN, the WB, and Epix are still hot on his heels hoping to make a deal.

1. Jawnee Conroy


A regular monologist at UCB's ASSSSCAT, Jawnee has brought the house down with his wild stories and "funny but so true" opinions.

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