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NBC Eyes Alexis Pereira to Star in Frasier Reboot

What are we gonna do with this tossed salad and scrambled eggs? Feed it to Alexis Pereira.

picture of alexis and kelsey

With a Frasier reboot in the works, NBC is hoping to snatch funnyman Alexis Pereira as the new Frasier.

"Alexis is the consummate professional, he speaks a variety of accents. We know he will kill it," said NBC President Paul Telegdy.

While the show will maintain its original winning formula of a British man living in Seattle, there will be updates to keep it current. Frasier will now host a "podcast." Instead of living just with his father, Frasier now lives with 3 roommates, all of whom live with their fathers. Also, Frasier's brother Niles will now be his sister, though also named Niles.

"If we can get Alexis and Selena Gomez to play Frasier and Niles, we think we can put NBC back on the map," says one insider.

Alexis could not be reached for comment but said through his publicist he would try to watch an episode of the original show if he could find it streaming somewhere.

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