• Henry Dearborn

Latino Andy Kaufman? Comedian's Fake Essay Shocks World

War of the Worlds. Bigfoot. An MFA in Creative Writing.

These are some of the biggest hoaxes of all time. And now we can add one more.

the latino andy kaufman?

Comedian Alexis Pereira (UCB, The President Show, Telemundo's Funniest Latinos) pulled one over on the world (both real and academic) when he not only crafted a fake essay, but uploaded it to the "twitterverse" with edits as an exasperated professor. Even the editor of the NY Times who asked Buttigieg about bread prices and talks like a wizard fell for the gag.

Looks like Pete's getting the last laugh!

I sat down with Alexis Pereira at his office with his assistant. Alexis's answers are in bold, because of how bold he is.

"Did you think what you were doing was going to be funny?" AP: Yes. I had been thinking about Tom and Jerry's 80th anniversary and thought a college student who was obsessed with T&J would be hilarious. Then the idea of an essay and markups just came naturally from there.

"Where do comedians get their ideas?"

AP: Honestly one thing I play with is bending reality. I like it when people wonder if something is real, because it hits so much harder.

"What do you think about the election?"

AP: I think it's going well. I've picked a candidate. And that particular one is winning at the moment, knock on wood.

"When I leave, if I make a right on 5th avenue, can I catch the F train?"

AP: No it's better to go left and walk an extra block. This stop is only for local trains so you'll miss your train.

After walking about 15 blocks without seeing an F, I realized that Alexis has gotten me again. What was his endgame, I wonder. Who is he trying to make laugh? Is this all just a big joke to him?

There is a class at Harvard that all students must take called "Ethics: How To Get Around Them." There we learn the boundaries that society intends to place on us, and how we can 'get around them' for business and political interests. It seems that Alexis, who didn't go to Harvard and has no familial connections in entertainment, may have a preternatural cunning for this sort of thing. And it makes me wonder:

"What is he going to think of next?"

- Henry Dearborn

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