• Henry Dearborn

HBO Promises Peaceful Transition from Bill Maher to Alexis Pereira

It's been Real.

After 20 years, HBO is ready to move on from Bill Maher to star of popular podcast The Alexis Pereira Program, Alexis Pereira.

"We thank Bill for his generous hosting, but we need a different voice under Biden," said HBO Chief John Billock.

That isn't to say Bill is going quietly. According to insiders, Maher is fuming.

"He reached out to Bill O'Reilly for advice," said an insider.

HBO is already lining up possible conservative best friends for Alexis, a Real Time tradition. Among the contenders are Stephen Miller and Donald Trump Jr.

"Real Time has always celebrated all voices: from center right to far right. Alexis will help us continue the tradition."

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