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Comedian Alexis Pereira Among Contenders to Replace Ellen

Another comedian is about to become a billionaire.

picture of Alexis Pereira and Ellen
Ellen and former protege Alexis Pereira

Comedian Alexis Pereira (Tom and Jerry Essay) is being considered among the top contenders to replace Ellen on the daytime talk show The Ellen Degeneres Show.

"He really got on our radar after posting that whiny article about not getting hired for a sketch show," said NBC News producer Noah Oppenheim. "That's the kind of self-delusion we look for here at NBC."

While NBC's situation with Ellen has not been resolved, they said whoever hosts the show will have to keep the old name.

"If it does go to Alexis, we'll be calling it The Ellen Degeneres Show Hosted by Alexis Pereira," said an insider, "The property is just too valuable."

Other contenders for the job are James Corden, Peyton Manning, John Krasinski, and former Bolivian President Evo Morales.

"Peyton, James, and John showed they can do the job. However, we may go the latino route, and we have two options."

Alexis Pereira, a former protege of Ellen, had no comment about replacing Ellen.

"Ellen has done a wonderful job hosting Ellen for the past 40 years and I for one hope she gets another forty," said the quirky, up-and-coming 30s-year-old.

NBC hopes to make a decision quickly, as the show's backstage toxic environment was a fan favorite, and losing that may alienate some long time watchers.

"People watch Ellen to laugh, see celebrities, and hear rumors about a toxic work environment that would make Don Draper cringe. We can't lose any of it."

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