• Henry Dearborn

Caroline In the City to Reunite for Live Ep w/ Alexis Pereira

Lea Thompson, Malcolm Gets, and Eric Lutes are getting the band back together for a special fundraiser episode of hit 90s sitcom Caroline in the City.

picture of Caroline and Alexis

"New York City is going through a tough time. What better way to unite us than to bring back the most famous New York City-based sitcom, Caroline in the City," said Lea Thompson.

Comedian Alexis Pereira (Tom and Jerry Essay Tweet, UCB) will play the hot new NYC cartoonist who becomes Lea's top rival. However, after Alexis visits Lea to put aside their differences, they are locked in her apartment together after NYC declares Martial Law.

Cue the hi-jinks.

"We've already done some tablereads on Zoom and the chemistry between Pereira and Thompson is electric," said Malcolm Gets, who plays Lea's would be love interest Richard.

Producers are currently looking for a location to produce the show, and are trying to decide between UCB Hell's Kitchen and the big studio at Shetler.

- Henry Dearborn

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