• Henry Dearborn

Alexis Pereira: 2019 Comedian to Watch

You may not have heard about him this year, and you will definitely not hear about him next year. But in 2019, a latin comic from Queens will finally break through:

Alexis Pereira.

I sat with him at Terrain, an exclusive underground bar in Williamsburg. You can't even find it on Yelp, but Alexis meets me at the corner.

"Follow me," he beckons.

He waves off the bouncer at the door and leads me to table in the back. The bartender walks out and hands him a Macallan 18 on the rocks and asks what I would like. I just ask for a water.

"You should quit," says Alexis.

He takes a swig of his drink and looks around the bar before meeting my gaze.

"So what would you like to ask me?"

"Let's start with what you think the state of comedy is."

"The state of comedy is Alabama," answers Alexis. "Very white, very conservative, and they barely draw the line at pedophiles."

Alexis has had a comedy career as quiet and unassuming as he is. This past season he had his first recurring TV role as a regular on the President Show.

He's come a long way since starting his YouTube channel, Pantry Boy Comedy, back in 2011.

"I wanted to produce high quality sketches and showcase my writing. I honestly didn't know where it would lead or if you can duplicate that strategy today, but it got me in the door."

That led to a deal with Funny or Die, IFC's Comedy Crib and NBC's Mas Mejor. He even hosted a Chevy Chase movie marathon on IFC because an executive there was such a fan.

"He called me up one day and said he liked 'Sports Talk with My Girlfriend' so much that they let him give me a slot on TV. It was wild."

Alexis has already pitched two a couple of major networks. His dream is to produce a show about the working poor.

"I grew up lower middle class and I'm friends with a few people like that. I'd love to write a show that speaks to that. Every show is either about a slob who is practically destitute or people with an infinite amount of money. Can we meet in the middle somehow?"

Pereira is also a regular at UCB. A performer on Harold Night, he's also directed several sketch teams and wrote and starred in his own show, Dr. Brothers, a satirical medical drama about two brothers named "Dr. Brothers." He's already working on a new show for UCB's new theater.

"Once I get a better sense of the space, I'll deliver something."

I'm sure he will.

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